New Insight Deck | Defining Important Business Services (IBS)

Most in-scope financial services firms are on their way to implementing the regulatory requirements for Operational Resilience, in readiness for the March 2022 deadline.

We’ve found that many customers struggle with the concept of “intolerable harm”, and our earlier blog highlights common customer issues at this phase of the programme.

FourthLine has just released a new Insight Deck to help firms understand how the regulators define “intolerable harm” and apply that to their list of business services.  We also suggest an approach to selecting or de-selecting Important Business Services(IBS).

Download the Insight deck here now>

How FourthLine can help:
FourthLine is working with several clients to help them achieve compliance and react to the challenges of the new operational resilience regulation, through a mixture of consulting and resourcing services.

You can get in touch here to find out more about our tailored and proportionate responses to Operational Resilience compliance.

For further insights on Operational Resilience, go to our Operational Resilience micro-site.


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November 10, 2021
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Jakes de Kock
Written by Jakes de Kock