Operational Resilience

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Operational Resilience


FourthLine hosted a series of free Operational Resilience webinars during July and September.

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Since March 2020, Operational Resilience has been a much-used phrase as firms across the globe have grappled with maintaining continuity of their services during the coronavirus crisis.

However, even before the current pandemic, both the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) had signalled their intentions to seek significant uplifts and visibility across operational resilience frameworks in regulated firms.

Defining operational resilience as "the ability of firms and the financial system to absorb and adapt to shocks, rather than contribute to them", the regulators set out initial expectations in a discussion paper.

This was subsequently complemented by a shared policy summary with the Bank of England (BoE) and coordinated Consultation Papers on impact tolerances for important business services.

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Given that operational resilience is a key focus of the FCA and the PRA, firms must look at strengthening their own operational resilience function by:

  • Having a company-wide operational resilience framework in place, defining areas of vulnerability, roles of responsibility and a roadmap of business improvement
  • Bringing on new talent to fill critical roles to implement improvements in operational resilience

  • Investing in the right technology and processes to improve operational resilience




Our Risk Consultancy service can help plan and implement your Operational Resilience programme

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How FourthLine can help


Our Risk Consultancy can help:

  • Identify and map end to end business processes
  • Develop impact analysis and assessments 
  • Define ownership and accountability across the chain of service components
  • Produce service criticality maps for each business service
  • Assist in identifying operational resilience suitable metrics 
  • Understand and document the current state organisation design for operational resilience 
  • Provide maturity assessments vs. desired future state
  • Assist in drafting self-assessment documentation
  • Assist in repurposing existing or establishing new governance mechanisms to manage and oversee operational resilience

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Our Talent Solutions can:

  • Review your current talent pool, identify gaps and recommend where new roles should be created to strengthen operationally resilience
  • Produce a report allowing you to target and recruit the best permanent and contract options to align with your operational resilience goals
  • Provide you with the best in market permanent and contract talent to fill specialised  risk management and compliance roles
  • You can choose from a wide range of talent solutions including:
    • Contingent Recruitment
    • Critical Talent
    • Leadership and Senior Hires
    • Multi-hire Retained
    • Contract Recruitment


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Our Learning Solutions can:

  • Provide you and your team with a plethora of online courses and workshops, to provide training and embed a culture of operational resilience within your firm
  • Deliver risk and compliance in-house training, by subject matter experts, bespoke to your company, business model, products and language

  • Offer a wide selection of risk and compliance learning subscription packages delivered by industry experts for you, your team, your department or company-wide






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