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FourthLine's key services to support firms:

End to End Consultancy

Using our expert team for delivering Operational Resilience projects across every single phase, from identifying important business services to setting scenario execution for each service.

Our consultants are all Operational Resilience experts and they are drawn from a mixture of global financial services and consulting firms.

Seconded Resource

Supporting clients by filling skills gaps and expertise that are lacking. FourthLine offers a dedicated specialist risk and compliance recruitment service.

Based on our experience, working with clients in different sectors, we are also in a good position to benchmark and evaluate the work that has already been developed.

Project Enablement

Supplying methodology and light-touch support to our clients. This includes a mixture of toolkits, live workshops, frameworks, support and recommendation.

We are able to provide full and part-time seconded resources to help clients with delivering projects. If needed, we also provide associate support and SME oversight.

Programme Assurance

Providing a Quality Assurance review on current operational resilience project work and running reports on the output to date.

Based on our experience of working with firms in different sectors, we are in a good position to benchmark and evaluate work already developed by our clients and recommend areas of improvement.

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