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About FourthLine

We are a non-financial risk and resilience consulting & advisory firm working with financial sector clients to enhance their approach to operational risk and resilience management

We support our financial services clients in:

  • Transitioning from non-compliance to compliance
  • Moving from siloed to integrated risk management
  • Operationalising ineffective risk management and operational resilience
  • Assuring and benchmarking risk and resilience against industry best practice
  • Introducing automation and tooling into previously manual processes
  • Improving accountability and ownership for risk management
  • Maturing their approach to non-financial risk management and operational resilience

Case studies

Our people

Our Core Values

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360 Trust & Respect

We build trust and instil respect and integrity in each other across the different teams, our customers and our shareholders. We all play a part in creating great experiences that make FourthLine an enjoyable, fun and rewarding place to work.
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Voice & Choice

We genuinely care, we have a strong work ethic and everyone at FourthLine's opinions matter. Every voice should be listened to and responded to with a focus on proposing positive solutions and choosing where each employee can best contribute.
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Learning & Improving

We win together through continuous self-improvement and collaboration. It is about taking personal accountability for developing skills, knowledge, ability and behaviours required to be effective and deliver winning results.
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Customer Connection

We share the same purpose as our customers; identifying and reducing risks. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means that we are all focused on consistently delivering exceptional service.

A few of our clients

Arch Insurance
interactive investor
monmouthshire BS
planet payment
Fourthline resilience advisory and consultancy

Work For Us

We are extremely proud of our team and culture here at FourthLine. We've worked hard to create a work ethic that not only helps our consultants to deliver exceptional, industry-leading service but to thrive in a rewarding, fun, and forward-thinking environment.
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Company Number: 6952875

VAT Number: 981375491

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