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Latest Insights

It’s midnight on 16th January 2025, do you know where your information assets are?
The presentation we gave on the role of mapping in unlocking DORA and operational resilience value at July’s Investment...
12 July, 2024
Reporting and Measurement of Operational Resilience: Investment Association Webinar
The Investment Association UK webinar, ‘Reporting and Measurement of Operational Resilience,’ held on 25th June 2024 in...
11 July, 2024
The Consumer Duty Board Report: What are the FCA expecting from firms?
In the recent webinar by FourthLine, Protecht, and the FCA, we explored "Consumer Duty Insights from the FCA" and shared...
26 June, 2024
TPRM: 10 Elements of a Quality Exit Plan
Exit Planning A quick search of "exit plan" in today's Bing news feed reveals that Ian Maatsen's father is planning an exit for...
2 May, 2024
Bank of England: Operational Resilience at the heart of the financial system
Introduction In a recent speech delivered by Sasha Mills, Executive Director at the Bank of England, the importance of...
1 May, 2024
Operational Resilience Reporting - White Paper
Operational resilience is becoming a cornerstone of modern business strategy, especially as organisations navigate the...
19 March, 2024
Mapping Requirements for the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)
DORA mapping requirements (Dora Article 8: Identification) are an area of interpretation for firms wishing to follow a...
14 March, 2024
FCA sends Dear CEO letter to firms warning them over money laundering failings
Last week, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a letter addressed to CEOs of Annex 1 businesses, which include lenders,...
12 March, 2024
BOE speech on proposed Critical Third-Party Regime for financial service sector
Introduction On March 6th, 2024, Gareth Truran, Director of Prudential Policy at the Bank of England, delivered a speech at the...
12 March, 2024
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