Tech Sector | Salary Benchmark Report & Trend Analysis

We have just released our 2021 Technology Sector Salary Benchmark report for the UK. The report also includes the latest trend analysis across various Technology roles. 

Scroll down to download the full report. 

January 2020 saw a buoyant UK technology market, full of innovation, new ideas and new investment and even the specter of a ‘no deal Brexit’ did little to dampen growth projections.

The Covid19 pandemic came as a shock, slowing down and halting carefully laid plans, with leaders contemplating how to manage for survival and growth through this turbulent period.  It has been a challenge for everyone, transforming how we work communicate and altering many aspects of our lives.

It is evident that the UK technology community remains robust and at the forefront of innovation, and talent in this space has quickly bounced back, outstripping demand once again.

Our report has been compiled by gathering information from UK technology teams and leaders, and outlines current market conditions and trends to help our partners make informed hiring decisions.

Our salary benchmarking report will be useful for candidates seeking a new role and for employers seeking to re-evaluate salary and benefits packages as we exit this global crisis.

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March 8, 2021
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Ahad Shadab
Written by Ahad Shadab

Ahad is a seasoned talent partner and a hands-on technical recruitment expert with considerable experience in partnering with hiring managers and HR professionals for demand planning and building innovative talent acquisition strategies for scaling technology teams in global, matrixed settings. With over a decade of experience working with blue-chip organisations in the UK, Europe and North America, he now leads the Technology talent practice for FourthLine.