Our Top Tips for a Winning Resume

As a talent associate my role lies within the first line of defence for FourthLine.

Candidate CVs come through to me before being handed over to the consultants for further analysis. After a thorough CV call with one of the consultants, candidates are then shortlisted and sent over to clients.

A great CV is imperative as before it can be passed forward to the consultants, it has to be checked over by me. As a potential candidate it is important to make sure your CV is of high standard as it is your first impression prior to a phone call or face to face interview.

Your CV has to be your selling point not only for the clients but for the team at FourthLine as it is our duty to make sure the candidates we are placing with our clients are the perfect fit.

Below are a few tips for an ideal CV:


1. Keep it concise and no more than 2 pages long, if possible

You want to make sure that you are only presenting relevant information about yourself in a clear and accessible format. Chances are, your prospective employer has received multiple resumes for the role you are applying to so try and keep your own resume as concise as possible.

2. Good spelling and grammar (remember your CV is your first impression)

You would think good spelling and grammar goes without saying, but you would be surprised by the amount of resumes we receive with poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Make sure you proof read your resume before sending it out.

3. Avoid pictures and tables

Pictures and tables are a massive "no no". You do not want to draw attention away from your qualifications and experience. A simple, professional CV format is always the best way to go.


4. Experience should be at the top of your CV as it’s the most relevant

A lengthy introduction or a long paragraph on your hobbies at the top of your resume is not going to get you the job. Focus on highlighting your experience and your achievements straight out the gate.


5. Always make sure your experience is up to date with your most recent employment

Your resume should be a reflection of your career and as such should be kept up to date with your most up to date experience.

6. Make sure your CV reflects you and the skills you possess

Most importantly, be honest! Make sure that the experience listed on your resume is true to your skills and background. Selling yourself in the best possible way is advised but don't list skills that you don't possess.

7. Always tailor your CV to the role you’re applying for (Employers want to envision how you will be an asset to their team)

Sending a generalised CV to a wide range of jobs is never a good idea. You want prospective employers to believe that you have taken the time to consider whether you would be the right fit for their role and they need to see that in your resume.


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April 15, 2020
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Written by Chantel Sakarombe