Operational Resilience Video Series: Testing Impact Tolerances

FourthLine's Operational Resilience Senior Consultant, Matthew Reid, is producing a series of videos outlining key considerations when businesses set up their Operational Resilience framework.

In his latest video, Matt discusses conducting scenario testing once you have set your firm's impact tolerances.  Watch the video here now>

When designing your Operational Resilience Framework, you will decide on the Impact Tolerance Levels acceptable for your firm, as discussed in our previous video.

Once your impact tolerance levels are set you will need to do scenario testing. This involves test the firm's ability to manage service delivery within impact tolerances in different scenarios. 

Matt gives an overview of the key areas to consider when doing scenario testing.

Watch the video here now>

Next steps:

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May 17, 2021
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Jakes de Kock
Written by Jakes de Kock