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Operational Resilience Reporting - White Paper

Operational Resilience reporting white paper

Operational resilience is becoming a cornerstone of modern business strategy, especially as organisations navigate the complexities of a post-pandemic world. As we approach March 2025, the need for robust reporting mechanisms that support proactive and informed decision-making has never been more critical.

In a recent collaborative effort with Corporater, a leading partner firm, we’ve delved into the intricacies of operational resilience reporting. Our joint paper sheds light on the hurdles that executives and practitioners face in this domain and proposes actionable solutions to overcome them.

Challenges with Resilience Reporting The paper begins by identifying the primary challenges in resilience reporting. One of the key issues is the sheer volume of data and the difficulty in distilling it into actionable insights. Additionally, the dynamic nature of risk landscapes means that reports must be both timely and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Using Tooling to Address Challenges To tackle these challenges, the paper emphasises the importance of leveraging advanced tooling. This includes the integration of analytics and AI-driven platforms that can sift through data, identify trends, and flag potential risks before they escalate.

Creating a North Star for Reporting through Strategy Development A strategic approach is essential for effective reporting. The paper outlines how developing a clear ‘North Star’—a set of guiding principles and objectives—can align reporting practices with broader organizational goals.

Development of Operational Resilience Metrics Metrics are the lifeblood of any reporting system. The paper discusses the development of specific metrics that can quantify resilience and track progress over time. These metrics serve as benchmarks for resilience and help organisations measure their readiness against potential disruptions.

Developing Reporting Maturity Finally, the paper addresses the journey towards reporting maturity. It’s not just about implementing tools and metrics; it’s about fostering a culture that values continuous improvement and learning. As reporting practices mature, organizations can expect to see a direct impact on their operational resilience.


The paper presents a comprehensive roadmap for enhancing operational resilience reporting. By addressing the challenges head-on and harnessing the power of strategic tooling and metrics, organisations can build a resilient framework that supports sustained growth and success in the face of uncertainty.

Download the full white paper here

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March 19, 2024
Jakes de Kock
Jakes is FourthLine's Marketing Director. He specialises in omni-channel, tech-enabled inbound marketing strategies to drive business growth within the b2b sector.
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