US Law firm looking to expand their London General Counsel office

A US Law firm was looking to expand their London General Counsel office.

The Challenge

The firm were looking to simultaneously hire both an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Manager and a Conflicts Attorney to join the team and set the EMEA direction of the two functions. The firm had exhausted their usual recruitment partners who had presented candidates that had the desired skills but seemed to miss the cultural and softer skill the firm was looking for.

The Solution

FourthLine took the brief and subsequently placed the AML Manager role within 3 weeks. The Conflicts Attorney position was proving to be trickier but with extensive head-hunting, recommendations and referrals, FourthLine placed this role another 2 weeks later by working between Christmas and New Year.

Since hiring these two positions, the firm has used FourthLine exclusively to build out their General Counsel office with an additional two hires, understanding the value in using a single talent partner to act as an extension of their own brand and vision.

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February 19, 2021