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Our client learning solution helps firms create operational risk resilience through the development of knowledge, awareness and new capabilities.

Achieving positive risk and regulatory management business outcomes continues to be a key priority for firms.

New vulnerabilities regularly emerge across the enterprise creating new threats that need to be identified, mitigated and managed. Our specialist risk learning and consultancy services help our clients create operational risk resilience and turn it into a competitive advantage. 

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Latest Courses

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Practical Introduction to JMLSG Guidelines and an Introduction to AML - Online Workshop

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In-House Courses


All of our courses can be delivered in-house and made bespoke to your company, business model, products and language. We can offer a multi-faceted and tailored learning solution to your business which will increase individual expertise and enhance overall team performance.

We will assess your training requirements, determining the knowledge and skill gaps within your organisation. In-house learning can enable you to significantly reduce the cost of learning interventions and provides you with the flexibility to choose which learning interventions suit individuals on the team.


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