US Law Firm hires UK based Senior Commercial Litigation Associate

The Legal sector is short of qualified talent and attracting passive candidates to legal and consulting firms is the cornerstone of our professional services strategy.

With this in mind, FourthLine approached a US based law firm with a significant UK presence to provide a talent solution.

The Problem

Due to the demand for diverse talent within the Legal sector, FourthLine took a proactive approach in developing a network of diverse talent within the sector that we knew would prove essential to both local and international firms. 

After reaching out to our prospective client and understanding their specific needs as a business with a multi-national presence, we knew they would benefit from a UK based Senior Commercial Litigation Associate with an in-depth understanding of US law.

The Solution

After meeting with the partners, we knew that the right candidate would not only need an in-depth knowledge of both markets but was also a fee earner and had worked for firms of a similar caliber.

We then cross referenced these criteria with our own network and we found and qualified a candidate that could match the client’s needs.

Furthermore, we worked closely with our international clients to set up meetings with the candidate and the partners to ensure that not only did the candidate match the role but was also the right fit in regard to the culture and dynamic of the firm.

At the end of this process, the candidate proved to be successful and a hire was made.

Topics: Professional Services

February 6, 2020