Client-facing Technical Analytics Specialists for Global Tech Consulting firm

A leading, big 7 global technology consulting conglomerate was looking for client-facing technical analytics specialists to work with thier financial services clients. 

The Challenge

  • Build the first Analytics Centre of Excellence to be based in the City of London that will be responsible for providing data and technology solutions to the financial services industry
  • Identify technical engineers, modellers and analysts and develop a value proposition to attract them into a client-facing, revenue generating role

The Solution

  • The client chose our multi-hire retained solution
  • Market-mapping of specific skills within the financial services arena with a strong emphasis on stakeholder management skills, along with technical acumen
  • Value proposition: SWOT analysis of current market trends demonstrating future roadmap of the positions and aligning them to specific candidate aspirations 
  • We dedicated a client engagement lead, along with 3 executive headhunters to identify, short-list, and interview candidates whilst managing client expectations in terms of time to hire
  • Within 5 months of the project being released we had successfully built out a new marketing analytics functions that would go on to build recommendation systems for banks seeking to use consumer data, and a global fraud analytics function to support anomaly detection within claims for leading (re)insurance firms

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Topics: Talent Solutions, Case Studies, Technology

February 19, 2021