Online payments company builds data governance function

The Privacy and Data Governance departments of a multinational online payments company engaged FourthLine to recruit on their behalf. Based in London, FourthLine had placed a candidate with the company previously and enjoyed a strong working relationship.

The issue:

Having previously given responsibility for data governance to their Privacy team, the client had recently set up a new data governance function to take responsibility for building organisational structures and frameworks to support Group entities and comply with data governance and information management principles, systems and procedures. The function had been set up by contractors, but it was now felt a permanent presence was required, so the client came to FourthLine to help them identify an experienced Senior Information Management Specialist.

The role would take the lead in the UK, setting up a framework for lifecycle management information, drafting data disposal and retention policies and procedures, information management training and data incentives.

As well as a strong background of data governance, information management and hands on GDPR remediation activities, it was also essential to find an expert who could navigate the challenges of working for a global business whilst working with multiple jurisdictions.

The solution:

This type of role was new to FourthLine, and as such there was a requirement to fully understand what the client was looking for and build up a network of suitable candidates currently outside our existing pool of talent. Taking the time to understand the market, FourthLine were able to offer the hiring manager advice around salary benchmarking.

Candidates were qualified through our usual thorough process, and we took extra care to ensure that any candidates would be a good cultural fit within the business and possess the necessary soft skills to succeed.

The client offered the position to a candidate FourthLine had put forward, but when they declined due to personal reasons we went back to the drawing board and drew up a fresh list of candidates, again qualifying each of them and offering interview support along the way. Having persevered with the role, the client was delighted to offer the position to a candidate from the second round of candidates that FourthLine identified.

Topics: Banking, Data Privacy & Information Security

January 17, 2019