Largest American Childcare Provider expands Data Protection Team

When one of the United States’ largest employer-sponsored childcare providers decided to expand their data protection team, they reached out to FourthLine to source a Privacy Administrator and help them solve their resourcing issues.


The Problem

Due to new regulation requirements, it was imperative that the company expanded and established a solid Data Protection team.

They needed someone with a deep technical knowledge of data protection as well as risk tools. The hiring manager however was not familiar with the market and valued our specialist expertise in data protection, to help them make the right hiring decision and ensure the team had the correct skill set which would enable the company to remain compliant.


The Solution

Due to new Privacy regulation requirements in the US, the company needed to expand the current team in the UK and establish a data protection department in the US. To do this they needed to locate someone familiar with US Privacy regulation along with extensive technology and security requirements in order to manage needs from the US side of the business.

Because of the client's limited knowledge of the data protection and compliance market and a short timescale, FourthLine took a “knowledge-based” approach to the project. We utilised our expertise and talent base to provide valuable market insights and salary bench-marking reports to the client. This helped them define the required skill set and appropriate salary package for the position.

Aside from this, we also worked with the client to grow their team through writing additional job specifications to help them identify future talent.

Once we finalised a short list of suitable candidates, it was important that we worked closely with the candidate to ensure that, not only did they have the right skill set for the role but that they would also successfully fit in with the company culture. This was achieved through liaising with the HR Manager to define the company’s values and by making sure that the candidate met with senior stake holders to assess their cultural fit. An offer was then made at the end of this process.

 “Against a challenging brief and a very short timescale, FourthLine worked closely with me as our search and selection partner in the US and identified an excellent candidate to be our senior operations manager, based at our US headquarters. The whole process was conducted with speed and professionalism given our compliance requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018. FourthLine delivered an excellent service and we completed the recruitment within budget. I have no hesitation in recommending the excellent team at FourthLine and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

                - Global Privacy Officer, NYSE-listed private company



February 6, 2020