Information governance specialist identified for research institute

FourthLine were engaged by a public research institute who are world leaders in their field of research. Due to the nature of the research, the client holds a large amount of highly classified yet unusual types of data, such as patients’ genes and blood types.

The issue:

The client’s previous Head of Information Governance was leaving the business and needed replacing, whilst they were also yet to appoint a Data Protection Officer. The institution was looking to invest heavily in their information governance capabilities due to the unusual types of data they held, so the Head of Information Governance leaving presented an opportunity to review their practices.

It was decided that the Data Protection Officer responsibilities would also sit with the Head of Information Governance and that they would head up a team of three alongside the Information Governance Officer and a new Information Governance Assurance Manager.

The client normally carries out their recruitment in house but, having struggled to identify a suitable candidate or train up an existing member of staff, engaged FourthLine to assist them with resourcing this complicated role. The client had attempted to find someone from a healthcare background, but this proved to be an unsuitable match for a role which really required an expert from within the same discipline and with experience of clinical trials. This however posed a new problem, as a suitable candidate would need to come from a very similar organisation.

The solution:

FourthLine took the time to fully understand the requirements of the role and to research the background of potential candidates. The client had originally looked at information risk specialists from the healthcare sector, but after discussions with the hiring managers FourthLine identified that it was actually information governance specialists from the research sector that would be the right match for this role.

The role was twice offered to candidates, but both turned the role down due to either personal reasons or being counter-offered. On both occasions FourthLine persisted with the process, presenting the client with another round of suitable candidates in a quick turnaround time. By going above and beyond, FourthLine was able to deliver a successful placement, with a candidate who was the perfect fit for both the role and the company.

When the time came time to recruit for the Information Governance Assurance Manager role, the client had such faith in FourthLine that they didn't see any internal candidates or speak to any other agencies, coming directly to FourthLine instead to resource on their behalf. As part of this process, we were able to ensure that the successfully placed Head of Information Governance sat on the interview panel for this new role, despite not taking up the position yet.

Topics: Technology Media and Telecoms, Data Privacy & Information Security

February 14, 2019