FourthLine helps global business with building Privacy team

Our client is a global business with 30,000 employees across the world. They asked FourthLine to provide Data Privacy specialists to help with building their Privacy team.

The Challenge

This was a dual scenario involving the retirement of the UK Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the requirement to beef up their Data Protection capability following several data breaches that attracted the media's attention.

They wanted the new DPO to be based in the UK and a senior Data Protection Manager (DPM) that would be based in the US. The DPM was required to understand both the US and European data protection laws. 

Time was a major constraint with both processes needing to be completed and candidates within their new positions within 3 months.

The Solution

The client chose FourthLine’s Critical Talent solution.

We dedicated a three-person team to the project required in order to meet the demands of a multi-national and time-critical brief.

We successfully completed the end-to-end DPO search process in a month and were able to involve the incoming DPO in the hire of the DPM which took place 4 weeks later.

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February 23, 2021