Global fast food chain seeks Privacy Manager to meet the challenges of GDPR

Our client, a leading global fast food restaurant company headquartered in the US with a strong UK presence, reached out to FourthLine to help resource a Global Privacy Manager having struggled to find one through their traditional channels of internal recruitment. This was the first occasion that we had worked with the client, as they looked to strengthen their privacy function from a European perspective.

The issue:

With the upcoming implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our client identified that they required someone who could interact with the business and relay the importance of data protection, whilst embedding a strong privacy culture throughout the organisation from senior stakeholders in the boardroom through to restaurant staff on the ground.

Someone with a thorough knowledge of GDPR and other data protection regulations was required, but it was essential that the successful candidate was used to working in a fast-paced environment. Additionally, it was desired that the individual had experience of working within a global business and had been exposed to the pressures and challenges that come with it, from taking a global approach to data protection to experience of multiple jurisdictions.   

There were also concerns around the customer focused nature of the data that the company holds, so someone who could thoroughly understand the commercial aspects of the organisation was needed.

The solution:

Having taken the time to understand the role and the importance of finding the right cultural fit for the business, we set about identifying suitable candidates from within our current network of expert talent and by resourcing new candidates. All candidates are assessed against our core competency framework so we can get a thorough understanding of their key skills and behaviours, whilst extra time was taken to consider their backgrounds given the nature of requirements for this role.

Given our experience of working in the privacy sector, we were able to swiftly put together a shortlist of 5 candidates, of which the client interviewed 4 and progressed 2 to a final stage of interviews. Throughout the process we provided the candidates with thorough interview preparation, putting a range of questions to them and ensuring that they fully understood both the current culture and the direction that the client is moving. This was also an opportunity for us to test the commitment of the candidates and ensure that we were fully confident that they were interested in this position and working for the client.

The successful candidate was selected and accepted the position, ensuring the client gained the Global Privacy Manager it needs as the business continues to grow.


Topics: Consumer, Data Privacy & Information Security

March 21, 2019