Asset Manager lacks knowledge of legal market for Fund Lawyer hire

Our client was a specialist asset manager based in London.

The problem

The client had gone through a period of growth, recently acquiring another hedge fund business. As a result, they needed to identify a highly specialised Fund Lawyer to join the business, ideally on a permanent basis. The client wasn’t entirely clear on what they were looking for, but the role was expected to include structuring fund documentation of new investment products, providing regulatory expertise on products, advice on legal matters and support to the General Counsel.

The solution

As the client lacked knowledge of the legal market, we were able to provide guidance and draw on our experience to advise on market availability, skills and pricing. Although looking for a permanent hire, we suggested bringing an expert in on an interim basis, and then making permanent if the client was happy with the work completed.

Without a job specification and the client uncertain on exactly what they were looking for, we put forward a candidate that we felt had the right mix of experience and skills, alongside a second candidate to provide a contrast. Having interviewed both candidates, the client chose to go with the first candidate that we put forward. Following 3 successful months in the role, this position has now been made permanent.



Topics: Legal, Investment Management, Flexible

February 2, 2019