FourthLine guide US law firm to make UK based Privacy hire

FourthLine were approached by one of the largest grossing law firms in the world after they were recommended our services on the basis of our highly specialised nature and expertise within the risk recruitment space. The firm is headquartered in the US, but has a global presence including offices in the City of London and across Europe.

The issue:

A selection of the firm’s Data Privacy and Technology lawyers had taken on the task of building the firm’s GDPR programme internally, but with different viewpoints all trying to steer the project, alonside a loss in fee-earning opportunities for these lawyers, a different approach was deemed necessary.

It was decided that a highly experienced individual who had led a GDPR programme for a global organisation and shown that they could deliver for a big firm was required to take complete ownership and responsibility for the program. Aware of FourthLine’s experience in this sector, the firm approached us to resource a European Privacy Manager on their behalf, with the scope for the role to become a Global Privacy Manager in the future.

With the firm headquartered in the US, they were keen to find a recruiter who could take control and guide them through the recruitment process for a position that will need to develop strong relationships across the globe. The firm were particularly keen to locate the position in the UK due to Brexit, so that they would have someone currently in the EU that will understand diversions between jurisdictions and be able to help fashion a response to the challenges that Brexit presents.

The solution:

With limited knowledge of the UK privacy market, the client looked to FourthLine to provide them with guidance on the role. We were able to offer advice around the level and calibre of candidate required and salary benchmarking, whilst drawing on our experience of having previously recruited on behalf of a US based organisation looking for a privacy expert in the UK. Ideas were exchanged between the client and FourthLine as an agreement was made on what they were looking for from a candidate.

We went to our network of privacy experts and drew up a shortlist of three suitable candidates who were presented to the client. The client interviewed all three candidates before progressing their preferred choice to a second stage in which they met several senior stakeholders from around the globe and were assessed in terms of their cultural fit within the firm. An offer was made which was accepted by the candidate.


"FourthLine were incredibly responsive, listened intently to our needs, and delivered qualified candidates - one of whom matriculated." 
Hiring manager, international law firm.


Topics: Legal, Professional Services, Data Privacy & Information Security

March 13, 2019