Boutique wealth manager seeks CASS and SMCR compliance

Fourthline were approached by the client, a boutique wealth manager based in London.

The issue:

Following a meeting around the pending impacts on the CASS rules of Senior Managers & Certification Regime, FourthLine offered market insight into what competitors are doing to ensure best practice and ensure the firm is compliant with CASS and SMCR.

The solution:

Through our ‘built on knowledge’ approach, we ensure our specialist CASS consultants are well informed and proactive in ensuring they’re highly responsive to regulatory changes impacting our clients and focused industries. Therefore, we were able to advise the client on what role needed to change and how to shape the job specification to reflect their requirements.

Our Core Competency Framework has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the skills and behaviours required by CASS professionals to successfully deliver in a CASS assignment. We used this tool to shortlist 5 of our trusted CASS associates and managed the interview process smoothly, ensuring our candidates were fully equipped to present their knowledge and experience to the client.

A placement was made within a 4-week period and we ensured both parties were in agreement during the post-interview negotiation stage.

The firm have since fed-back on the successful hiring process and secured FourthLine as an expert partner for the future.

Topics: Client Assets (CASS), Risk Management, Investment Management, Flexible

May 5, 2018