Our Process

At FourthLine we have a tried and tested process in place for resourcing expert talent on your behalf...

Job Description

  • We believe the job description is the single-most important part of your hiring process.  We take the job description brief in person where possible or schedule a 30-minute phone call with your hiring manager.
  • The job description brief is a detailed conversation with your hiring manager into technical and soft skill requirements, cultural fit, long term vision and critical success factors of the role.
  • FourthLine’s consultants have a detailed market understanding and unrivalled knowledge of our technical specialisms meaning we can advise your hiring manager with up to the minute industry and skill trends.
  • Included in this planning process we also agree the timeline and interview process, schedule CV presentation call and interview slots in advance to ensure a smooth and seamless process from job description to offer.


Candidate Attraction and Management

  • As standard Fourthline proactively resource as regulations arise ensuring our clients stay one step ahead of regulatory pressure.  This ensures we have up to date access to an industry leading network of specialist candidates and Subject Matter Experts in most regulatory fields.
  • We longlist pre-qualified candidates from our networks and approach them with your vacancy to drill down further into their experience against your requirements. 
  • We carry out at least two in-depth interviews with each interested candidate.  We use our proprietary and discipline specific “Core Competency Framework” to ensure only the top 20% of candidates are shortlisted.
  • In addition to the interview, we explain your role, your company and the all-important culture before gaining written consent from each candidate to be represented.



  • We take pride in being able to present you with a shortlist within 24 hours for contract roles and 72 hours for permanent roles.
  • Where possible our shortlist will contain at least 5 CVs including one slightly junior “development hire” and one more seasoned hire above budget to give you a wide view of the available candidate pool.
  • All CV submissions include a coversheet outlining candidate name, required daily rate or salary, notice period and a high-level summary of their experience and how it matches your requirements.


Interview process

  • Following our scheduled CV presentation call, we approach your preferred candidates to schedule a first-round interview.
  • We always recommend that you meet at least 3 candidates for first round interview firstly, so you have fair representation of the market and secondly to mitigate for candidates who may drop out of the process.  We place 88% of roles where hiring manager meet at least 3 people at first-round interview.
  • As part of our service Fourthline manage the candidate side of the interview process, keeping you informed of any changes as well as any candidate concerns or questions. 
  • If you require we can also make available any peer references at this stage of the process.


Offer management and acceptance

  • We manage the offer process transparently providing insight as to right package to secure your preferred candidate.
  • When make the offer we do this in writing and gain written confirmation of candidate acceptance. This avoids any misalignment at this sensitive stage of the process.
  • We fully manage the post offer process including any paperwork and documentation. Our consultants will also coach the candidate to mitigate against any counteroffers.


Post acceptance and start date

  • Where possible we meet the candidate following their acceptance and before their start date.  We’d also recommend that you aim to meet them informally too before their start date.
  • Our consultants remain regularly in touch with the candidate up to 3 months into their role to ensure they are settling in well and allowing to them express any initial thoughts or concerns they may have.
  • Keeping in regular contact with your hiring manager is important at Fourthline and we’ll follow up the recruitment process with a progress and feedback conversation.





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