• February 07, 2018

David Croft, Head of Capital Markets Practice


Tell me about your FourthLine journey?

I come from a property background, originally with a Masters obtained from The University of Manchester in Planning. Following graduation, I spent a year working with a Commercial Surveyors in a sales and account management role before moving into a similar role within consumer credit with American Express.

After three years of working with Amex I decided that I wanted to move into financial services recruitment. After numerous interviews and a few offers from various firms, I came across FourthLine. It was very quickly clear that FourthLine was the small but rapidly growing recruitment business I was looking for and I accepted the offer that day.

Since then, I’ve been promoted four times in three years from Trainee Consultant to my current role as Head of Capital Markets Practice.

What is your area of specialism?

Buy-side compliance, regulation and risk

I manage a team of eight specialist Consultants covering compliance, regulation and risk within asset managers, hedge funds, wealth managers, private banks, wrap platform, IFAs and all other buy-side related firms and intermediaries.

What is your view on the market right now?

Looking into 2018, we are anticipating a huge amount of MiFID II remediation work as the majority of buy-side firms are already acknowledging that there will be gaps in their delivery.

Aside from MiFID II, the main market drivers within the buy-side over the course of 2018 are likely to be based on SMCR, PRIIPs and Brexit, whichever form it eventually takes. Other geopolitical risk such as the outcome of the US election and the turmoil that this has created are also likely to have an impact on hiring

How is FourthLine different?

We are genuine specialists in our respective fields with a very specific focus on niche areas. This allows our consultants to develop a deep understanding of their markets and proactively build inventories of the top 20% of industry talent in line with upstream market drivers.

Top tip to candidates

Work only with specialists who have a genuine understanding of the market. Avoid generic recruiters who work across multiple disciplines, as they will never fully understand your background and role preferences.



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