How to select and interview high performance Data Protection Officers

  • June 14, 2018

As many of our customers are reporting a lack of experience when it comes to recognising and interviewing high performance Data Protection professionals, we hosted a breakfast briefing on the subject.


On the 16th May 2018 FourthLine hosted a breakfast briefing event focused on "How to select and interview high performance Data Protection Officers" at London's Sky Garden. We were joined on the day by guest speaker Rachel Mulligan, a qualified solicitor in the UK and Ireland and an Attorney-at-Law in New York.


Topics discussed on the day included:

  • The DPO role – what is it, do you need one, where should the role sit within your organisation?
  • Making the hire – creating the role and writing the job description, what qualities should a successful DPO possess?
  • How to interview a DPO – what should you be asking them and how should you assess their answers?
  • How to ensure the DPO succeeds in the role – what infrastructure and support do you need to provide?

Watch our interview with Rachel to find out more about the role of the DPO and which skills are transferable to a DPO position.

If you need any advice or support on bringing a data protection specialist into your business, contact FourthLine on 0203 800 1099 to discuss the ways in which we can help.



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