How to prepare for a CASS RP Review

  • May 18, 2018

Following the increase in 48-hour Resolution Pack reviews by the FCA, FourthLine hosted our first event of 2018 centred around the CASS RP.


Held at the highly impressive Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street, the breakfast briefing lasted for 2 hours and included a 30-minute presentation and Q&A by one of the CASS experts in our network, Kenneth Green of Equilibrium Green. This was followed by a peer2peer discussion over breakfast.

Kenneth advised what would happen if the FCA decided to undertake a 48-hour RP review and how best to prepare. Some of the key points discussed included:

  • The FCA are likely to notify you of the 48-hour review via a call and will expect the CF10a to be on-site regardless of availability.
  • Double check the RP and ensure complete accuracy, including getting a peer to fully check the links etc.
  • Ensure that everyone who is involved with the RP and CASS in general is on-site and available to meet with the FCA associate.
  • Appreciate that the visit hasn’t concluded until the FCA provide written confirmation.
  • Ask for all feedback to be provided in writing, as verbal feedback may not be considered once the visit has concluded.
  • Conduct a regular mock review of the RP by a 3rd party.
  • Ask for a minute taker to ensure that everything discussed is well documented.

After the event, we caught up with Kenneth to get his feedback on the event and find out more about how firms can prepare for a review.

Our next event will be an online webinar focusing around the importance of strong TPA oversight following the increase in demand for CASS Oversight professionals. We are expecting between 60-80 senior CASS professionals to be present on the call, so if you are interested in attending please contact James Carter on 0203 800 1553.

FourthLine are offering a new service in the form of a mock CASS RP review conducted by Kenneth Green who has been involved with 19 different CASS RP’s. For more information, or to discuss any other recruitment needs in the CASS space, please feel free to contact us on the number above.



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