Webinar: How to select and interview a high performing Data Protection Professional

  • May 15, 2018

Watch a recording of our webinar, offering you practical advice on hiring and identifying high performing Data Protection professionals.


Many of our SME customers are reporting a lack of experience when it comes to hiring Data Protection practitioners combined with little knowledge on how to recognise, interview and select the best person for the job.

That’s why we organised the webinar ‘How to select and interview Data Protection Professionals’ on 22nd March 2018. Featuring our speakers Dan Waltham, Head of Privacy Practice and Boris Wojtan, Privacy Director of GSMA, member of IAPP's European Advisory Board and a recognised authority on Data Protection, the webinar covers:

  • Assessing a Data Protection CV – what should a Data Protection expert look for when assessing a candidate CV?
  • How to interview for a Data Protection Practitioner – what should you be asking and how should you interpret the answers?
  • Making the hire – ideas to gain flexibility in a talent short market
  • Where to place the DPO - practical advice on where the DPO should sit within your organisation

This webinar is for any hiring manager or internal recruiter facing that challenge and will offer practical tips to help overcome that current knowledge gap.

Watch the webinar recording.

Please note, we experienced some technical issues affecting the sound quality during the recording of this webinar, but this should only affect the beginning of the recording

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