Our MD on FourthLine's way of doing things

  • April 03, 2018

FourthLine is a highly focused risk management recruiter determined to best serve the customer and candidates through being the leading provider of risk management experts in the UK. Here is a little insight into how we do things at FourthLine...


One of my key responsibilities as Managing Director at FourthLine is to ensure that we are meeting the demands and needs of our customers month in, month out.  I feel immense pride when I oversee a successful recruitment process, where a client finally secures the specialist talent that will help them prevent risk in their respective organisation after many months of struggles via generic channels.  Choosing a strategic position of “risk recruiter specialisation” is born out of an ethos that in order to best serve the customer you must focus the whole of the organisation on the risk management audience in which you serve daily, as opposed to giving into the temptations of other recruiters who have driven into “other head office” disciplines such as HR or Finance. 

This is our tried and tested approach:

Focus, Focus, Focus

Here at FourthLine we help clients recruit risk management experts that help organisations prevent risk. Clients request risk experts from FourthLine across a broad range of needs, such as building permanent risk function capability, supporting with risk advice, helping drive change across the risk management function or helping to make critical decisions. Our daily focus across the whole of our organisation on building our risk management recruitment capability means we are uniquely placed to provide the right risk expert to help you prevent risk in your organisation.

Get the upstream bit right

With over 35 risk recruiters networking in the market daily, we generate powerful insights through focusing our networking discussions around the things that matter. We possess insights about what makes a high performing risk expert from a skills, behavioural and performance perspective and also understand the risk management professional better than generic recruiters, which can often help our customers shape candidate attraction strategies.  Our customers expect us to respond to skill shortages in the market, so that is what we do through constantly monitoring changes in the market via our upstream framework.

Build & know your network

Any organisation can build networks of people, but true value is created by knowing which skills and expertise are in demand and invest resources in developing networks of these capabilities prior to the upward curve of demand.  For example, the global data protection regulation will create a skill shortage of over 80,000 data privacy professionals so we have been investing significantly in building our data privacy capability.  We are monitoring developments around automation to see how this technological shift might impact the need for quality management experts to provide assurance to automated tools. Then it is about spending time with the network in order to develop the knowledge of who the true leading experts are, who is in demand, and who can truly help our customers prevent risk.


To deliver great service to customers, you need to recruit talent who possess the ability to deliver service.  For us, the service to our customers begins with recruiting exceptional talent who are relationship centric and have a real interest in serving the needs of our customers in the risk management field.  We focus their early stage learning around how to identify high performing experts in their discipline, so they possess the knowledge to advise clients on which candidates to interview and select. The service begins with our consultants being able to demonstrate quickly that they can ascertain an accurate understanding of the expert you are looking to recruit, and then responsively presenting a high-quality shortlist so you can make your selection.

Be Reliable

We take the value of reliability very seriously, so we don’t recruit outside of our field of specialisation. Why would we? We would be pretty hopeless at knowing the best people. Reliability is also about process reliability; our service is designed to create high quality expert options so that you can make an informed selection decision. We would not be delivering on our process reliability ethos if we only send you one expert. Furthermore, we’ll also monitor our service delivery post engagement to ensure we are delivering on the goal of risk prevention for your organisation.


So, without giving away too much of the magic formula the above is a small insight into how our service is designed at the FourthLine of defence. A mix of decisions, intelligence, network building and service gets the job done for us.



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