Attracting the right talent in a candidate-driven market

  • February 15, 2018

Attracting, hiring and retaining the right talent in 2018 is challenging in an increasingly candidate-driven market.


Here at FourthLine we work flexibly to find the best solution for your resourcing needs, working closely to ensure these six key considerations are satisfied.


What is the client’s recruitment strategy and how does the role fit into the overall business plan and structure? How can we ensure that the role is aligned to business objectives and how easy is that to demonstrate to the best candidates? The most in demand candidates will want to understand not only the scope of the role but also the direction of the business. We spend time with you to understand the complexities of your business. This partnership allows us to be agile and effectively manage the pipeline of recruitment needs without the risk of losing out on the best talent.


Many clients focus solely on the technical skills, yet in some cases this can lead to the perfect role capability but an inability to seamlessly fit into the existing teams and influence the most senior of stakeholders. We work closely with our clients to understand not only the desired technical expertise but to also get a deeper sense of the culture of the business and the team the role will reside in.


With many of the key technical skills in great demand, how can you ensure that a candidate can reliably demonstrate those skills in an interview setting? How do you get the balance right between hands-on technical expertise plus the ability to see the bigger picture and think strategically? Working in partnership with your recruiter you can be assured that their sector knowledge will help you make the right choices in a timely fashion.


How fast can the business move to secure the very best talent within such a competitive market if the recruitment process is over engineered? This may result in the loss of a key hire. It’s vitally important to have all the paperwork agreed before the hiring process starts and any contentious issues around recruitment costs settled. Retained search is best suited to this challenge and is by far the best methodology to recruitment process challenges.


We are at the cusp of a meaningful change in traditional working patterns. The part that millennials play now in the workforce is significant and with the demand for flexible work schedules and a growing remote workforce how does your business ensure it is tapping into and satisfying that talent too? We advise you on examples of best practice and how to make this all work for your business.


The role that social media and review sites play in how candidates navigate the recruitment landscape is notable. How well is your business portrayed on social media and how can you use that to your advantage in the recruitment process? Do you know what your digital presence is and how to maximise that to your advantage?

At FourthLine we build high performing risk and compliance teams that protect business integrity and brand reputation. We work closely with your business to navigate this ever-changing recruitment landscape, proactively working with you to secure your next hire.


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