Trends related to: Financial Crime Change Management

Key insights into current, real world trends of financial crime change management based on interviews with leading Financial Crime experts.

FourthLine interviewed five well-respected financial crime professionals to understand the current, real-world trends of financial crime change management, barriers, and solutions aimed at stemming criminal activity. As a result, we have been able to provide key insights into the current state of financial crime and how firms can use expertise to implement successful crime prevention through change management.

This report includes insights into:

  • The state of financial crime and fraud management readiness within firms
  • The developments taking place across the market that influence how firms manage financial crime
  • The market and regulatory developments that are likely to impact how firms manage financial crime
  • The main contributing factors to a firm’s weaknesses and failures of financial crime systems and controls
  • How firms can improve their people, process, and technology systems to better manage, and reduce financial crime related risks
  • Technological innovations expected to take place across the market to help firms detect, control, and reduce financial crime related risks
  • Advice to improve financial crime change management

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Topics: Featured, Investment Management, Insurance, Banking, Financial Crime

October 16, 2019
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Jakes de Kock
Written by Jakes de Kock