FinTechs | Why a review of your fraud systems & controls should be a high priority

Our recent webinar analysed the FCA’s 2020 plan for FinTechs.  Resilience to fraud is a focus area of this year’s business plan and 66% of our audience said that improving fraud resilience was a priority. 

So why are the FCA focused on fraud?

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Women in Privacy: For Female Privacy Professionals

5 Privacy professionals provide a real insight into women's careers within the Privacy industry, as well as providing advice for professionals looking to break into the industry.  

Topics: Featured, Data Privacy & Information Security, Flexible, Talent Solutions

January 24, 2020
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Is your firm ready for the IBOR transition?

Expert insights for risk mitigation incomplete delivery, best practice, key solutions, trends and innovations.  

Topics: Featured, Risk Management, Investment Management, Banking, Flexible

December 9, 2019
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