Webinar: Information Security & Data Privacy Risks

FourthLine's Information Security & Data Privacy Risks webinar features an interview with Steve Wright and Victoria Guilloit of Privacy Culture.

The risks associated with Information Security and Data Privacy can have hugely damaging consequences, and training of employees and the strengthening of controls should be your strongest line of defence.

Ahead of FourthLine's Information Security & Data Privacy workshop, this webinar includes an interview with course instructors Steve Wright & Victoria Guillot of Privacy Culture, as we discuss some of the topics that will be covered in that session.

This FREE webinar covers:

  • The latest trends in Information Security & Data Privacy
  • The Cloud & IOT
  • Accountability in the event of a breach
  • Through the eyes of the Regulators
  • Robust Information Security Culture
  • Board oversight
  • The real cost of a Data Breach

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Topics: Investment Management, Insurance, Banking, Consumer, Technology Media and Telecoms, Data Privacy & Information Security, Talent Solutions, Learning

December 16, 2019
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