Webinar: Focus on Talent - The MLRO

Watch a recording of our webinar on the role of the MLRO, featuring guest expert Quenton Lennon. 

The role of the MLRO is essential in ensuring that firms remain compliant with their anti-money laundering requirements and are alert and able to respond to the risks associated with anti-money laundering.

MLROs and those with SMF17 responsibilities are under increasing pressure to retain, maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge whilst managing risks according to a risk-based approach.

In this webinar Quenton Lennon (MLRO/SMF17 at an FCA regulated firm) offered an analysis of the role and responsibilities of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer, as well as the support an MLRO can provide your business on an interim or permanent basis.

We will also looked at the ways in which an MLRO can support your business, especially during times of global crises (i.e. COVID-19) and the risks these pose to organisations.


  • Quenton Lennon, MLRO/SMF17 at LycaMoney
  • Gareth Foulkes, Head of Interim Services at FourthLine

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Topics: Featured, Investment Management, Insurance, Banking, Financial Crime

March 31, 2020
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