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The ways in which people work are changing. With most of the population currently working from home, more companies are looking to implement more permanent flexible working options for employees.

This not only provides firms with a wider network of available talent, but also increases diversity within your workforce and gives you an edge over your competitors when it comes to finding and retaining talent.

For many organisations, adapting to a new way of working can also present its challenges.

  • Less stability than traditional employment methods
  • More challenging to foster a positive company culture, if staff are working flexible hours
  • Recent concerns around the “gig economy” and the impact this has on hourly rates
However, as organisations continue to strive for “the best talent”, constant innovation and new solutions, it makes sense to cast a wider net. With a more flexible working solution, you can find talent in places that wouldn’t normally be geographically desirable.

How we can help

In order to embrace new modes of employment, firms must adopt a more dedicated approach. With over a decade of experience, placing talent in a wide range of organisations we can:

  • Provide analysis on your current organisational structure, see where there may be gaps in talent and compare this with the talent base of your competitors
  • Work with you to discover how a flexible work force can benefit you and what that would look like within your own organisation
  • Create shortlists and longlists of the best available talent out there, helping you find the right fit for your role

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