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Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Although diversity and inclusion (D&I) is high on the agenda for regulators and firms alike, it’s difficult to implement. A major issue is that many companies believe they’re already promoting a diverse and inclusive culture.

However, only 40% of employees agree that their manager fosters an inclusive environment. The various constraints placed on groups of people by society can provide firms the insight in which they can begin to develop a better hiring process as well as foster a more inclusive working environment.

A way to do this is for firms to actively work with diverse communities to access their talent pools in order to be a more attractive prospect to diverse candidates.

Furthermore, taking a closer look at job descriptions and ensuring that the language used is gender-neutral and inclusive is essential in attracting talent from a wide-ranging background as well as hiring for values and not culture.

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Developed in conjunction with Sonya Barlow. Sonya is an expert in all areas of Diversity and Inclusion, with a strong focus on building inclusive cultures, enabling digital collaboration and implementing strategies to attract diverse talent. Sonya has designed and delivered 200+ workshops, 30+ keynotes and sat in 100s of panels.

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