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AI Technology and Automation

Over the last few years, we have seen a boom in companies adopting AI to automate critical processes. Not to mention a rise in the use of AI products in HealthTech, LawTech and FinTech that have revolutionised these respective industries.

Firms are using artificial intelligence for a plethora of reasons including:
  • Gathering of customer data for marketing purposes
  • Automating sensitive processes, such as health data
  • Tracking business performance
  • Tracking and analysing financial transactions
The more companies rely on  AI & automation, the higher the risk of cyber-attacks and information security breaches.

Businesses are taking a closer look at how Privacy is embedded within its culture and taking measures to ensure a more robust approach to protecting against new and future threats, before embedding new technology into the framework.

Before embedding new processes and employing artificial intelligence and automation, firms must consider how to not only discern the right products for them but also the right talent required to manage change and ensure continued compliance and information security.

How we can help

Whether you need help in defining your strategy, setting policies and frameworks or taking a closer look at your business operating model, FourthLine has over a decade's experience helping companies manage their operational resilience to the highest standard.

  • Our permanent and contract recruitment solutions can provide you with the best change management, data protection, cybersecurity and data protection specialist talent in the market
  • We can also provide you with detailed risk assessments and analysis, to identify the critical needs within your business and see where our solutions would be best applied
  • Our learning solutions can provide you and your team with a plethora of cybercrime, compliance information security and data protection online courses and workshops, to provide training and embed a culture of operational resilience within your firm

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