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Helping NAB Retail Bank to help complete an expansion in their Compliance Monitoring Team

National Australia Group

Company Profile

FourthLine is a specialist recruitment agency within the UK Financial Services Market using an “InDemand Talent” model to add value to and alleviate pressure points within our client’s businesses. With a strong presence in both Interim and Permanent Recruitment Markets we are able to offer businesses a fully combined recruitment approach and a true solution to helping organisations reach strategic future objectives.

The Challenge

FourthLine was engaged by a Retail Bank to help complete an expansion in their Compliance Monitoring Team following organic growth where the team grew by 50%. They had been through much of their hiring, but were struggling to get the final piece of the puzzle in place as they felt they had seen much of the market from the initial suppliers. FourthLine was asked to assist as we had done business with them on an ad-hoc basis previously and they were keen to test our specialist network in a time pressured climate.

The Role

In order to handle the increased scrutiny from the regulator, the company was increasing the size of the compliance monitoring team around two areas; general compliance thematic reviews and conduct quality assurance reviews. The client wanted someone with monitoring experience in the financial industry whom had a customer first focus. They preferred someone coming from customer facing origins before going into compliance so they would have that customer first focus engrained in them. They needed someone with professional curiosity, who is able to question why processes are there with the ability to articulate clearly.

The Solution

By understanding the core needs of the business through a detailed analysis of the role and getting the key personality traits that were needed by the hiring manager we were able to go out to our network of compliance monitoring candidates and present 5 strong candidates within 72 hours, one of which was able to progress to offer.

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