Operational Resilience - The criticality of setting appropriate Impact Tolerances

Last week, around 500 Tesla owners were unable to connect and unlock their vehicles, causing lost hours for many users. Were people left outside in the cold, others unable to go to work or even worse get to the hospital?

Did Elon Musk ever consider this scenario?  Do Tesla think about intolerable harm?  Did they consider Impact Tolerances for customer disruption?

The Tesla scenario is one of many high profile outages from recent weeks (e.g. Santander, Virgin media) and demonstrates  the importance of setting the correct impact tolerance.

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Key takeaways | FCA Payments & E-Money safeguarding & wind-down webinar

On 21 January, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) delivered a Payments & E-Money: safeguarding & wind-down webinar to compliance consultants which included some significant points that ...

Topics: Featured, Client Assets (CASS), Investment Management, Banking, Prudential regime

January 21, 2021
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2021 and the FCA's continued focus on customer vulnerability

Following the release of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) draft updated guidance this week for mortgage and consumer credit repossessions, and for consumer credit tailored support, the topic ...

Topics: Featured, Investment Management, Prudential regime

January 14, 2021
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FCA releases new Prudential Regime for Investment Firms (IFPR) consultation paper

On 14 December 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its first of three Consultation Papers on the new UK Prudential Regime for Investment Firms (UK IFPR).

Topics: Featured, Investment Management, Prudential regime

December 15, 2020
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The Investment Firms Prudential Regime – areas to consider when getting started

Yesterday morning the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed that, considering the scale of regulatory reform due in 2021, the UK’s Investment Firms Prudential Regime (IFPR) will now be ...

Topics: Featured, Risk Management, Investment Management, Prudential regime

November 17, 2020
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