Insurance Firms | Operational Resilience Lessons Learned So Far

FourthLine has now worked with a number of insurance firms giving expert advice, guidance and tools to help implement their Operational Resilience frameworks.

To help other Insurance Firms who are looking to strengthen their own Operational Resilience programmes, we have summarised the key lessons we have learned from working with our clients.

We have also outlined a few steps that will be useful for firms making their journey to full Operational Resilience compliance.

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How FourthLine can help:

FourthLine is working with a number of financial service firms to help them with Operational Resilience enablement and Outsourcing and 3rd-Party Risk Management, through a mixture of end-to-end consulting and resourcing options.

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To read our new Operational Resilience Technical paper, click here>


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May 19, 2022
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Stefania Saccomanni
Written by Stefania Saccomanni

Stefania is the Marketing & Sales Business Manager at FourthLine. She provides a pivotal link between the business and Fourthline customers, delivering communication and presentations, contributing to drive business growth by creating engaging written and visual content.