Free Webinar: Aligning the structure of your Data Governance team with your maturity

Data is arguably one of the biggest commodities a business can hold today. Although the benefits of strong data governance can make a huge difference to positive business outcomes, poorly handled data is useless.

Data governance models are essential in helping companies fully grasp their data capabilities, where the discrepancies lie and also determine the areas in which employees need training. Aside from this, a data governance model allows a company to measure their successes against their competitors.

With the advent of GDPR and a shift in attitude on how willing customers are to share their own data, it is imperative that companies project a strong data governance framework, throughout their business. 

Faced with increased restrictions in how companies must collect and gather data, firms must be smart and work to match their data governance function with the maturity of their business.

In our latest webinar, FourthLine's own Lauren Webber chats to Cathy Pendleton, the Senior Data Governance Manager for about how firms can effectively align their business maturity with their data governance model.

Cathy heads up a rapidly growing team, central to business operation and is responsible for implementing and subsequently maturing the Data Governance framework within the business.

In this webinar, Cathy will provide a valuable insight into how firms can effectively embed effective data governance into everyday business activities.



April 22, 2021
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Matthew Fitzsimmons
Written by Matthew Fitzsimmons

Matthew is a Marketing Executive within the FourthLine Marketing Team, helping to drive business growth by creating engaging written and visual content.